Tesla The Mini Dachshund

September 29th, 2016

Tesla The Mini Dachshund

Hi, My name is Tesla and my parents picked me up from a rescue in Gilbert, AZ.

I was left alone at 8 weeks old- I am not sure if I had brothers or sisters either;  then i was adopted at 10 weeks,  also i have a brother Hurley who is also a Dachshund; he’s 7 years old though so he is lazy sometimes and I get bored.

I chew up every toy i can get and my mom and dad are having to constantly buy me new toys and bones.

While my parents are working; I stay home in a crate and soon I will be enough of a good boy to be able to roam the house free!!

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Check Tesla out on instagram at @teslatheminidachshund

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