Arthur The Mini Dachshund

Hello friends,

My name is Arthur, I live in New-Brunswick, Canada. I'm 11 months old (the big birthday is coming up soon!ūüéā). I have a red coat and green...


Pablo The Miniature Dachshund

My name is Pablo. I may be short but i've got some serious tude. I'm a mini black and tan long haired miniature dachshund. I'm 6 months old with seriously big paws. I'll grow into them eventually, I hope!
I live in sunny QLD, Australia and love going to the beach! If the pawrent leaves her clothes...


Molly Bones The Miniature Dachshund

Molly Bones The Miniature Dachshund Hi, my name is Molly Bones! I'm a 6 year old miniature My mom got me when I was just four months We live with my Dad and my two brothers in sunny…


Harley and Oscar the Mini Dachshunds

Harley and Oscar the Mini Dachshunds Meet Harley and But first let me take things back to the start! When we moved into our first house 3 years ago; having both grown up with pets and a now working…


Tesla The Mini Dachshund

Tesla The Mini Dachshund Hi, My name is Tesla¬†and my parents picked me up from a rescue in Gilbert, I was left alone at 8 weeks old- I am not sure if I had brothers or sisters either;¬† then…