Shanti The Little Lady

October 5th, 2016

#MeetShanti (hi, that’s me)… My story is an interesting one for a little lady of only five months. I have two families. Yup, two.

My first dad (humans call him Ben) saw a photo of me after returning home from a few months in India. My brows reminded him of a man he had connected with there and he knew, instantly, it was a done deal. He needed me in his life and I needed him no less.
While settling in and peeing on my new (very tall!) home in Brooklyn, my first dad got some news. He needed to move to Columbia in a few short months. Which led me to family #2: AKA my adoptive parents who live 12 floors up (humans call them Caren + Alex.).
They just got married and, well, I’m now their pseudo child—just a little lower and longer and furrier than the other kids at the playground.
Every week I split my time between my two families but I’ll be moving in for good with my adoptive parents at the end of October. My first dad I’ll really be missing, but he promises to visit me as often as possible. And I know he’s good for it.
A little about me? Well, I think both of my parents would call me two things:  tiny + wired. I’m a wirehaired doxie—the runt in size but mighty in spirit. I’m not a mini but definitely a tweenie… a small package that packs a punch with personality. Sweet, sprightly, stubborn and silly, I’m everything both of my families had hoped for and more.
I thoroughly enjoy sprinting back and forth in the apartment on my own accord, meeting new people and new pups preferably 4X my size, snuggling + snoozing, my braided lion Leo (I’ve almost ripped out all of his mane!), learning to shake and simultaneously forgetting the rest of my tricks, and obviously taking names and breaking hearts with my growing collection of design-savvy apparel and handcrafted accessories. Mom is; well, kind of obsessed with making sure I’m adequately spoiled… I’ll take it! It’s the sausage life after all.
Stop by and follow my tiny, wired world on instagram: @meetshanti

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