Schlooby The miniature Dachshund

September 25th, 2016

Schlooby miniature dachshund

Schlooby miniature dachshundSchlooby The miniature Dachshund

This is Schlooby a 4 year old red shaded miniature dachshund from Derby in England. Ever since I was a little girl I wanted a “sausage dog” called Schlooby (no idea where I got that from) so when I turned 20 and had a place of my own, it was the first thing I did! He was definitely the best decision I’ve ever made, my boyfriend adores him too!



Schlooby loves to play fetch with balls tennis, football, ping pong, you name it, whatever he can find! He will always sniff one out no matter how hard we try and hide them! He also loves to de-fluff all his dog toys until the squeaker is destroyed! Despite his short legs he loves to walk and even managed to climb up AND down Mount Snowdon in Wales last year, he put his humans to shame with his constant energy!


He is Family:Schlooby miniature dachshund

Schlooby is more than a dog he’s a family member, everyone loves him and he’s made my sausage dog dreams come true, such a big personality in such a small (but very long) dog , he has a big voice and barks at everything but I wouldn’t change him for the world.

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(crazy sausage dog lady)

Check him out on Instagram too for more photos and videos

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