Pablo The Miniature Dachshund

October 2nd, 2016

Pablo The Miniature Dachshund
Hey All!
My name is Pablo. I may be short but i’ve got some serious tude. I’m a mini black and tan long haired miniature dachshund. I’m 6 months old with seriously big paws. I’ll grow into them eventually, I hope!
I live in sunny QLD, Australia and love going to the beach! If the pawrent leaves her clothes and shoes on the floor they’re mine, I love to chew anything I can get my paws on.

I also have two older brothers and a cat bro. Love to eat their food if I can get to it. I like the cat but he’s seriously not so impressed by me. I just want to play with him but he does not feel the same 🙁
Ma loves to dress me up in outfits and I love posing for the camera (most of the time) because I know there will be a treat (or four) at the end of it.

Most days I’ll spend at home with my older bro’s or I’ll go to work with Ma.
The best part about going to work with Ma is all the attention from the customers!

Lots of puppy kisses,
Check Pablo instagram at @pablo_the_mini_dachshund

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