Nikko The Weiner Dog

October 4th, 2016

Nikko The Weiner Dog

Hi my name is Nikko and my mom got me from a breeder when I was a 4 weeks old. She had just lost her 13 year old rescue pup; my big sister Kiki whom I never met, 4 days before she took me home to keep my older brother Coco company. Needless to say he was heartbroken….

To my mom and the rest of our family (we all live on the same property, different apartments) having a dachshund was a fairly new experience, but she needed to learn quickly because I was certainly a very active puppy. I turned out to be a very loving, kiss giving and sweet baby.

So what did my mom decide to do??? She went ahead and got us a tiny sister named Leila when she was also 4 weeks old. For me it was LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT, but not for my older brother.

When you follow me you might get to meet my cousins. Oreo, a mixed breed we rescued. Fergie, my late uncles` Sharpei and Yoyo, a very vocal Welsh Corgi Pembroke. We all get together every day to play, run and chew on anything we can.

Ps. You can find me on Instagram @nikko_theweiner

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