Nero the sausage

May 19th, 2017

Nero the sausage

Nero – the 9 month old standard dachshund from Tallinn, Estonia. Instagram: @nerothesausage

1.My great grandma was babysitting me and almost gave mom a heart attack. So quick as I am, I managed to eat some garbage on our walkie. After all the eating, yelling and struggling I fell asleep just like you can see right here. The grandma is used to dogs sleeping in a normal position and thought I had eaten poison and was dying 😂😂 she then called mom who was driving home at the time and scared the 💩 out of her! Fortunately she didn’t crash the car, the police didn’t catch her driving waaaaaay too fast (on the phone with the vet at the same time) and came home to a tired but healthy pup! That’s what we call overreacting at its best! #truestory

2. So tonight I made mom get up at 4.30 am because I had got stuck between the sofa and the window 👊 After she helped me out I didn’t stop whining because I also had to pee 🚽 so out we went in the middle of the night #goodjob #proudofmyself


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