Moose The Lovely Doxie

October 4th, 2016

Moose The Lovely Doxie

In June I was tagging along with my best friend; Morgan, to look at a litter of long-haired miniature dachshunds; because she was interested in buying one of the puppies.

After getting there; I fell in love myself with a little black and tan doxie that just seemed to energetic and playful. It took no more than ten seconds of convincing for me to know I had to bring home that little puppy with me- so Morgan left with Tod, her new chocolate colored dachshund and I left with his brother Moose.

Moose has since been growing every single day into a puppy with a BIG personality. He will do anything for food and loves every single thing I give him (especially puppuccinos).

He even loves whatever else he finds on the ground, including leaves, dirt and dust bunnies; He’s also super blessed to have his twin brother around; to have puppy play dates with- the two brothers have so much fun playing together and posing for pictures and trying on all sorts of doggie clothes. But nothing beats wrestling time for Moosey and Tod.

I always see Moose being dragged around by his ear in Tod’s mouth. But I suppose that boy’s will always just be boys!

Ps. You can find me on Instagram @theminiweenie

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