Marley The Lovely Sausage

September 27th, 2016


Marley The Lovely Sausage

Hi, my name is Marley. I’ve been with my forever family since I was 9 and a half weeks old and turned 1 on July the 1st. I’m a very energetic boy and nap very little.


I love going walkies and to the beach. I’m good at playing fetch with my ball and frisbee. When the little people come to see me; (the grandkids I believe they’re called)  it’s great fun because they have enough energy to keep up with me!! It’s fair to say I’ve worked my way up quickly through the ranks to be the boss! Although apparently I’ve had two predecessors so they paved the way.

In the evenings to wind down I love to play with my Kong which mum has packed tight with healthy treats.

Written by: Sandra Haugh

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