The Lovely Dachshund Stina

September 30th, 2016

The Lovely Dachshund Stina

Hi! My name is Ulrika, but the main person in this is Stina, a dachshund from Sweden.

When I started to post pictures on Instagram my first thought was; Who would be interested in this? It didn’t take long until I discovered that we are many dachshund friends around the world sharing the same lovely interest.
Photography is training! Stina is my second dog which means more rules and training.

Ha ha … I learned by the mistakes I did the first time. Photography is training obedience for Stina with full attention on me. Focus on me, no matter what happens around us. So many of my pictures is also a moment of training.

No one can have missed that dachshunds are both stubborn and lose their ears easily. It means a lot to me to taking walks with Stina without a leash. We are training recall every single day. But it’s not only Stina that needs training.

I always have to be more fun than everything else in the forest so she wants to come back when I call on her; That is a challenge!.
I borrowed a book from my neighbor; It was one of Cesar Millans books. Stina chewed on the book; the one and only she ever chewed. I see that as a sign.

I think Stina thinks that we work great as a team. We don’t have to read what others think we should do. We play a lot on our walks and sleep tightly together. She with her head on my arm, the whole night. We area our own pack. We are Team Stina!.
To see the joy in Stina when she runs through the forest is priceless. She is happy and that makes me happy. That’s where the she belongs, in the forest. And to be the dog she likes to be.
Bye for now

Team Stina

Check Stina instagram at @dachshund_stina

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