Louis The Miniature Wire Dachshund

September 30th, 2016

Louis The Miniature Wire Dachshund

Hi everyone 👋🏻
My name is Louis; and I’m a 4 ½ month old miniature wire. I live with my mum and dad in Rugby, UK. Mum had wanted a Dachshund for *ages*, but dad always wanted a dog “with a beard” – which is where I come in! 😊
I spend most of my days with dad – he works from home on his computer 💻I try not to distract him too much, but I do enjoy a snuggle in the day. He says I make it difficult to type, but he never moves me – I think he likes the snuggles as much as me.
I know it is play time when mum gets home; and save up all my energy for play; which includes pulling the ears off toys, chasing balls around and chewing shoes and the rug; but I can only do that when mum and dad are busy!.
I really like making friends – I had a fun stay at Sausage Dog Hotel while my humans were on their holiday; and I went on my first Warwickshire Dachshund walk recently. As for less furry friends – I’ve met some lovely humans on my Facebook and Instagram pages; some have sent me lovely messages about how I brighten their day.

It makes me so happy to know that telling my stories can bring joy to humans; and I know mum and dad are proud of me for that. Other hobbies include dinner and belly rubs!

Check Louis instagram at @littlelouissausage

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