Kaylie The Mini Dachshund is my best friend

September 28th, 2016

Kaylie is my best friend:

I’ve had dogs since I was 14, but; living in New York City apartments with no-pet clauses in their leases prevented me from having one after my last dog, Sparky; passed away about 15 years ago.

When I married my husband & moved to Connecticut 3 years ago, we started talking about getting a puppy.  Last Spring, the time was right, & we started making a list of breeds we not only liked, but that wouldn’t make my teen stepdaughter’s allergies act up.  My list was very short, I wanted a short-haired female mini Dachshund.

Having worked for the AKC many years ago; I turned to their online breeder directory to look for breeders in our area.

By then we had narrowed it down to two – beagles & dachshunds.  We found a beagle breeder in the next state whose next litter was due in October.  Nice, but we really wanted to bring our puppy home in the summer.

Then, right before our family left for summer vacation, I found it – a dachshund breeder who lived not far from us, & who had a newborn litter of 5.  I e-mailed her immediately, & she called back to tell me that yes, she had a female short-haired puppy available, & her name was Allison.  Then she sent me a picture of Allison, now Kaylie.

I was in love!  When my husband & stepdaughter came home, they agreed she was adorable.  We went to see her after getting back from vacation, & that was it – we knew she was our girl the minute we held her, & we brought her home in early August.

Kaylie is my best friend, & the love of my life!

Check her out on instagram at @kaylie_the_minidachshund

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