Harley and Oscar the Mini Dachshunds

September 29th, 2016

Harley and Oscar the Mini Dachshunds

Meet Harley and Oscar… But first let me take things back to the start!

When we moved into our first house 3 years ago; having both grown up with pets and a now working from home, getting a new dog was pretty much top of our list.

Having singled it down from several breads; we had experienced with family and friends including Danes, German Shepherds, Spaniels, Mini Dachshunds (you can see the trend getting smaller and smaller). We ended up deciding on a smooth haired mini Dachshund because we had a decent size garden but relatively small kitchen/conservatory.

So having spent 2-3 months or so; looking into breeders and making sure we kept a close eye on the known health issues to try and avoid with the breed we were set on a smooth chocolate and tan mini Dachshund.

We eventually met with a breeder we trusted who had recently had a litter, this was when we first met Harley! And at 4 weeks old to say he was tiny would be an understatement.

However he soon shot up another inch or two (huge I know!) when we picked him up at 8 weeks.
I was fortunate enough to have a month or so off at this point; and having fell in love with Harley and listening to other Doxie owners; yes you have probably worked it from the pictures… we (well, I) went to collect Oscar, who despite being 2 weeks younger than Harley is actually slightly bigger!.

Since then they’ve been best buddies and as far as we’re concerned are little bro’s.

We wouldn’t be without the boys and love their little characteristics and mischievous ways!.


Check Harley and Oscar instagram at @harley_oscar_mini_dachshunds

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